Friday, July 11, 2008

Odd Dream

This morning I awoke from an interesting dream. I dreamed that I was driving along and passed an empty parking lot and saw an ambulance, its doors all open and in the parking lot was a lone EMT tending to a patient. I went about doing the things I needed to do and on my way back through later the lone EMT and patient were still there and I stopped. As I approached I saw the patient lying supine on the asphalt being tended to by this hot pregnant EMT who explains that she is working alone due to short staffing. I nod as I do a quick assessment of the situation and turn to look at the EMT and say "EE? What are you doing here?" and she replies "OMG, dude, MedicMatthew?!?"

Then I woke up. So yeah, I dreamed that EmergencyEmm was working in Pittsburgh by herself.

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