Thursday, July 31, 2008

F*ck. Me. Running

So, the New York Times reports that Exxon Mobile has once again earned record breaking profits in the second quarter of this year. Profits are up 14%, up to $11.68 billion, thus topping their own record of $11.66 billion achieved in the fourth quarter of last year.

With such an increase in profits you would think they could at least buy you dinner before f*cking you over at the pump each time you fuel up.


In other, non-hypertension inducing news, after being completely unable to find the installation CD for MS Office after buying a new laptop I found a heckuva deal on the Small Business Edition of MS Office 2007 which makes it super easy to subscribe to RSS feeds in Outlook to have all the bloggy goodness delivered right to me every day so I don't have to go out and check blogs and find out who has put up new posts. Yay me.

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