Thursday, July 31, 2008


Back when I was a dispatcher I had a habit of chewing on plastic pens. They were my pens, I didn't share them with anyone, no one else had to deal with my chewed up pens and I didn't have to deal with anyone handling pens that would eventually end up in my mouth. I know it is a gross habit but it was my habit and it didn't affect anyone else. When I started working in EMS I started carrying metal pens in the nifty little pen pocket of my uniform shirt. I think it just looks more professional than having an el-cheapo pen sticking out of my shirt pocket. Well, today I came in to work and forgot to grab a couple of pens on my way out the door so when I got here I snatched up a couple of the freebie pens from one of the local air medical transport companies. I was taking some notes a few minutes ago and caught myself chewing on a plastic pen. A plastic pen that someone most likely used on a call at some point. A plastic pen that could have possibly come in contact with nastiness from a patient. I'm done gagging and I want to know, can I gargle with a 1:10 mix of bleach & water, because honestly, after swigging Listerine I still have that unclean feeling. *shudder*


Epijunky said...


I do the same thing. I'm working on it.

mainecrashed2 said...

oops. boosts the old immune system, eh?