Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Introduction

Let me introduce you all to someone interesting. When I was a child my mom had a friend named Ginny. Ginny had two children, Jon & Miranda. Miranda was a year younger than I and though we really didn't associated much through our school years we shared a few common interests. Years after graduating high school in the small town that I grew up in I slowly began to find that there were several other LGBT folks that I went to school with, though none of us were out at the time. Here is where "Miranda" enters the stage again. Out of the blue I got a message on Myspace from a guy named Kyle, turns out that Kyle is an FTM (female to male transgender), who was born into the body of the kid I knew when I was young- Miranda. Translation- Kyle is a guy, was born with girl parts yet identifies as male and as such is living as a guy. Don't question it, don't leave ignorant comments about trans issues because they won't be tolerated here.

Anyhow, Kyle is currently living in Hollywood making his living as an English teacher, however he has decided that teaching really isn't his gig and has decided to pursue his MFA in poetry at a school back in Boston where he received his undergraduate degree. Now, when you live in a major city on the west coast with mass transit and don't own a car and you need to move yourself, your four dogs, and all of your stuff to the east coast how do you do it? Well, you buy a 1973 Dodge RV and pack all your stuff inside it and drive it across the country! This should be an interesting tale and definitely one that I'm going to keep track of and you too can read about it on Kyle's blog.

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Evil Lunch Lady said...

Wow! So Cool! I'll check out his place next:)