Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Holy balls, I haven't posted in well over a month yet I'm still getting my usual number of daily hits. What ails you people, anyway?

I'd love to write something epic here, but that just isn't going to happen so instead I'll leave you with an update.

1.) I've moved.
A bit over two years ago I moved back to Maine from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved in with my parents. I did this out of a sense of guilt over the declining health of my grandfather and the fact that while home on vacation my mother had a haircut that made it appear as though she had aged 15 years in the five months since I had last seen her. I've come to realize that moving back  home because of a haircut was foolish. I've moved closer to work and civilization. I now have a 9 mile commute to work instead of a 30 mile commute.

2.) I've bought a new (to me) car.
The Xterra is no more. I got sick of the payment and since I'm no longer commuting through a very rural area I'm okay with not having four wheel drive any more. I picked up a 2003 VW Jetta TDI (diesel baby!) and I've cut my car payment, and my auto insurance and I've more than doubled my fuel economy. It's pretty sweet to get 46.77 miles per gallon of fuel.

3.) I love being a paramedic.
My desk job at the hospital has reminded me of how much I love being a paramedic. I will admit that I was pretty burned out for a while and this job has reminded me that I belong on an ambulance. I'm even getting back to being a hand-holder.

That's it for now. More content to follow. Maybe.