Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Gun Control" Ur doin' it rite, Maine

I am blessed in that I live in a free state. Concealed and open carry are allowed, though I'm pretty sure despite our decent gun laws the average liberal Mainer would lose their shit upon seeing me walk down the street without concealing. I'm quite sure that no matter where you go you will encounter some degree of "ZOMFG!1!! He haz a gun!!1!!!!1eleventy!!!" whilst openly carrying. The Brady folks (spit) have released their annual state survey of gun laws and Maine received a respectable 11 out of 100. In New England only New Hampshire & Vermont received "lower" scores in the eyes of the Brady folk- nine and eight, respectively. From the local news...

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Gun control laws in northern New England are being given low marks in the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence's annual survey of state gun laws.
The survey gave Maine a score of 11 out of 100 for its laws, while New Hampshire was given a 9 and Vermont was given an 8. The Brady Campaign says laws in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont allow the sale of guns without background checks, put children at risk and help feed the illegal gun market.
Utah was at the bottom of the survey with a score of zero, while California was given the highest score, a 79.
The Brady Campaign is a Washington-based group that advocates for stronger gun control laws.

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 I just don't get Sarah Brady. Okay, fine your husband was shot in the head when someone was trying to take out ol' Ronnie Reagan, how about we get pissed off about the degree of crayzee shown by the shooter and not the fact that he had a heater. For fucks sake, look at the fucking numbers you ignorant bint.  Number of gun owners does not equal number of violent crimes, in fact the two numbers are not even related. There are violent douchebags everywhere who will resort to violence with our without a gun.

Fuck I need a drink.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meme bandwagon

Since all the cool kids are doing it I figured I'd jump on the latest meme bandwagon. Here you see what leaves with house with me each and every time I go out. As with AD the exception being when I go to work administrators frown on carrying when I'm in the office at the hospital and when I'm working on the ambulance.

  • Wallet- complete with serial killer license photo
  • T-Mobile G1 w/Google- the original Android phone and it's still way cooler than you iPhone
  • Keys to Xterra v2.0, the office & a cuff key- never know when you might need one
  • Machined metal pen with which you could totally shank a bitch
  • Burt's Bees lip balm
  • iPod, yes those earbuds are pink, you got a problem with that??
  • Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact- 13+1 rounds of 9mm goodness with combo IWB/OWB holster
  • Extra 13 round mag for aforementioned Bersa

    So, what's in your pocket?