Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lets Change That Headline....

It should read - Mt. Lebanon Police Announce Their Intent to Trespass Into your Vehicle.

If You Don't Lock Your Car, Mt. Lebo Police Will Do It For You

Posted: 4:34 pm EDT May 28, 2009Updated: 5:47 pm EDT May 28, 2009
MT. LEBANON, Pa. -- Mt. Lebanon police are using some unusual methods in the hopes of stopping a string of break-ins.

Those who leave their vehicles unlocked will find a card squeezed between the steering wheel and the speedometer, reminding the drivers to lock their cars.

“Very good idea. You don't need to encourage any of the crooks today. They find they're own way of doing it,” said Mt. Lebanon resident Mike McElligott.

When Mt. Lebanon police find vehicles open, they also put cell phones and other personal items in the consoles, so they're not visible, and lock the cars up.

“The best thing we can do for the citizens is remind them please lock the car doors and remove valuables,” said Ken Truver, police chief.

Police warn even if drivers lock their cars, cell phones, keys and money should not be left out and visible. Drivers are also encouraged not to leave expensive GPS units on the dashboard.

Channel 11 took a look around Mt. Lebanon to see if they found expensive items visible in cars unattended. It didn’t take long to find a vehicle with a pricey GPS unit mounted on the dashboard

Ok, I understand that they want to decrease the rate of motor vehicle burglary, but if I were to choose to leave my vehicle unlocked with my GPS on the dash shouldn't I be allowed to do so. I know they're not penalizing anyone for leaving their vehicle unlocked, but still, is it even legal?

Not a real post

So, I'm going to be super lame and just put up this post so I can see if I've fixed my MS Outlook problem.
Outlook was freezing whenever I tried to open RSS feeds from

UPDATE: MS Outlook is being kind of a dick. still.

Friday, May 22, 2009

She has such a way with words.

Its a good thing she isn't a paramedic. From Cranky Lit Prof

Little wonder. They guy smelled rank — imagine a plastic Ziploc bag full of assholes, slathered in mayonnaise and left to broil in the tropical sun for three days . I don’t know if it was an illness, something he ate or just funky body chemistry, but my GOD. When he threw back his head and laughed, it got worse. His breath was the scent of a zombie shitting a three-day-old dead carp in to an open sewer pit.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Marko on vaccinations...

From Marko the Munchkin Wrangler's Monday Search Term Safari

Vaccinations are great. They keep kids from getting diseases that can cripple or kill them. People forget that fifty years ago, kids ended up in wheelchairs because of polio, because we eradicated polio with vaccines. Kids can go deaf or die crummy deaths from measles. Don’t listen to that daft bint Jenny McCarthy–she doesn’t know shit about shit. She’s famous for her bad acting, and for being a Playmate of the Year, not for a degree in medicine or epidemiology. I’d no more consult her on the subject of vaccinations than ask my neighborhood rabbi for good pork recipes.

I admit, I snorted when I read this.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Right on the money

Trauma Queen, Kal, hits it right on the nose.

I hate you because you refuse to consider that maybe, just maybe, you could try taking some responsibility for yourself, stepping outside the bare minimum that has to be done to get along.

I hate you because you’d sooner see your kid stay at home, crying, scrubbing chubby fists at her swollen eyes than step up to the plate when she needs you.

I hate you because when I ask a final time if you’re coming with us, you smugly refuse, preferring to score sordid, childish points than have your kid see the doctor.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today, Maine has done what is right.

After being approved in the Senate, and yesterday in the House, Maine's LD 1020 today returned to the senate and was sent on to Governor Baldacci who signed LD 1020- An Act To End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom into law. Though it has been approved and signed in to law by the legislature and the government the fight is far from over. Maine law allows for a people's veto and the opposition has already announced that they will begin to solicit signatures to petition for the matter to go to popular vote in November. They have 90 days to collect approximately 60,000 signatures.

Today I want to share with you a few excerpts from the hearings & testimony held on 4/22/09. This was originally to be held at a high school auditorium, however it was determined that there simply would not be enough room to accomodate all of the people who planend to attend, and as such the venue was changed to the Augusta Civic Center. The crowd is mostly made up of supporters of LD1020 all wearing red. Equality was well represented by a 4 to 1 margin at this hearing.

Today, when I heard the news that Governor Baldacci signed LD1020 into law I wept. I sat in the kitchen at work attempting to write a run sheet and I wept tears of joy, I have spent the day listening to some of the testimony that was made on the 22nd of last month and I throughout the afternoon I have been moved to tears more than once. If you watch only one clip posted here, please, watch the first one.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Condi Rice schools a hippie

Massad Ayoob sums it up best here.
Recently, a clueless lad took advantage of a question-answer session when Ms. Rice was speaking at a college campus, and tried to trickbag her with a question about government-sanctioned torture. Watching the video on YouTube, I was struck with the kid’s pompousness…and couldn’t keep from smiling as she dissected him, handing him his butt on a verbal platter.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Edit, Update & Repost

Maine's Senate voted 21 to 14 this week in support of LD 1020 a law to allow for marriage equality in Maine by allowing same-sex couples to marry. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about this very subject and I want to re-post it here again with a couple of minor edits.

For my Maine readers, all 1.34 of you, I wanted to share this link –

Clicking on that link will bring you to a page that will allow you to write to your state representative in support of LD 1020 Maine’s same-sex marriage bill. There is a preformatted letter or you can edit it as you wish, but by filling in your address it will automatically route the email to the representative for your district. I am hopeful, but not optimistic that this legislation will pass, though with the recent legislation in Iowa and Vermont, and the pending legislation in New Hampshire it is entirely possible.

This isn't about special rights, it is about equality. Do not be fooled by the Maine Marriage Initiative and the Catholic Diocese of Maine; Maine's domestic partnership laws do not even come close to granting the 1,138 benefits, rights and protections of marriage. And with a heterosexual divorce rate hovering around 50% don't even try to tell me that my right to get married would somehow defile the sanctity of “traditional” marriage. Are people really just concerned that so many loving, same-sex couples in life-long committed relationships would defile the sanctity of heterosexual divorce? Also don't give me the "a child needs a mother *and* a father" speech either; if people really feel that way then do they advocate taking children away from single parents- gay parents produce far fewer gay children than heterosexual parents do. Furthermore if an argument consists of telling me that the purpose of marriage is to procreate then surely one must object to the marriage of infertile couples or couples who choose to not have children, because that, too would be an abomination unto God.

And if one is going to use the "it's in the Bible!" excuse, then they had better come up with one darn good argument for their case. The very book that most Christian fundamentalists use to argue against same sex marriage also states that one has sinned if they have touched the flesh of a cloven hooved animal, or if one has worn a cloth woven of two threads, or been even in the company of a menstruating woman. If, and this is a very big "if", they have sworn off ham & bacon, and have committed to never again wearing a poly/cotton blend shirt or be in the company of any woman during her period, then and only then may they use Leviticus in their argument. So if the Bible very clearly speaks against divorce, of which now only heterosexual couples are eligible, and if one argues that same-sex couples should not be married because it is against God's law, why do opponents purport that only gay people should be bound by Biblical law? If one is going to hide behind the Bible to defend his or her bigoted views then one should have the common decency to be integritous enough to live by its every word and not just the chapters and verses that can be handpicked to suit a cause.

“The eight Biblical references (and not a single one by Jesus) to alleged homosexuality are very small indeed when compared to the several hundred references (and many by Jesus) to money and the necessity for justly distributing wealth. Yet few people go on a rampage about the issue of a just economic system, using the Bible as a base.” -Suzanne Pharr

“The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 to heterosexuals. This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need more supervision.” -Lynn Lavner

Please, take a part in the issues that affect you and the people you care about. Let your voice be heard, participate in democracy and remember that dissent is patriotic!