Thursday, November 8, 2007

Such a slacker

I'm trying, I'm really trying to post here more often. Things have been crazy lately. There is absolutely nothing in this world I hate more than packing and moving. But it is a necessary evil at this point if I'm ever going to make it to Pittsburgh on time.

On a positive note, I've just realized that Ribeye over at RagingServer has linked to me! He writes some really great stuff about being a server and dealing with all the bullshit that the consumer flings at him. Personally I would have told a lot of these customers to F*ck off and of course I would be fired. I'd love to go eat in the restaurant he works at some time or just shadow him at work. Anyhow, give him a read and tip your servers!

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Anonymous said...

Such shameless advertisement makes Ribeye happy in pants!!!

Thankie for da link!