Monday, November 26, 2007


Leave it to a move to remind you of how much stuff you own. Over the last few years I've only tapped in to a handful of my resources- primarily clothes since I've been living with my folks. I've managed to forget how much computer gear & kitchen stuff & home decor I own. I find it to be a little daunting when I realize its going to take more time to pack up all of my stuff, but I also find it to be a relief because it means there's less stuff that I have to buy. Either way, its a colossal pain in the ass. I hate moving.

On a positive note I've solved my relocation assistance dilemma. My good friend Ryan was originally supposed to help me move, but because my move in date has changed and because he is now having back problems (go figure, a paramedic with a bad back!) he is unable to help out so now my good friend Kalem is going to help me move. Kalem and I haven't had much opportunity to hang out lately so its good that we'll get to take this road trip together. It will be a long drive and it'll be a bit of work unloading the trailer and unpacking my stuff but I will have good company and that makes it all the better.

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