Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

I have to work today, on a holiday, but I don’t mind. Just like everyone else in this world I often forget that I have so very much to be thankful for. I have my health, my family, my friends. I have shelter over my head and food in my belly. I am immersed in love.

Today is my last day at my job. At 7am I leave this place for the final time and I have a week off before I move700+ miles away from my family and friends. I have a new job, in a new city, albeit one that I have lived in before, I have a new adventure waiting for me. Life is good for me. I may be apprehensive, I may wonder if this move is right for me but I know that once I’m settled everything will fall in to place. At the same time I am thankful I am also a bit worried, my brother-in-law will be returning to Iraq soon. I am thankful that he is who he is and I am sure that God will allow him to return home to his family, but still, I can’t help but be worried, but I am optimistic and my hope is that his recent promotion will mean more time in safety and less time earning more bronze stars.

I typically don’t have any problems expressing myself, but today the words won’t come to me. I am thankful for all that I have- for family, for friends for health, for safety, for love, for opportunity. The world is before me and it is mine for the taking.

My hope for this holiday is that you have many things to be thankful for. My fellow bloggers have already expressed their thanks- EmergencyEmm, WhiteCoat, Matt G, ShadowFax, Scalpel, my hope is that you have a means of expressing yours.

Be well & be safe,


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