Thursday, November 1, 2007

Remembering a Colleague

This slideshow was put together by one of my colleagues here in Maine. This summer the Maine EMS community was rocked by the line of duty death of Lieutenant/Paramedic Allan Parsons.
Allan was tending to a trauma patient on an interfacility transfer when the ambulance he was in was struck by a drunk driver. Allan was killed, his partner Arlene Greenleaf suffered several major fractures and has spent considerable time both at regional trauma center and in rehabilitative care. I believe that the patient that was being transferred also sustained additional injuries as well. Even now when an ambulance passes by the crash site you can hear a quick yelp from their siren as they pass. Our little way of saying that we will remember always. If anything was learned from this tragedy it is that the Maine EMS community can rally together and support one another in a time of crisis.

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