Monday, August 18, 2008

NH Liquor Store

Marko's Monday Search Term Safari this week is brought to us by the letter X and the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission. The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission operates a liquor store at pretty much every major route that crosses the NH/ME border and so it's a required stop on the return trip of any Mainer venturing down to New Hampshire or Massatwoshits simply because the liquor is cheaper and there is no sales tax in New Hampshire. Another reason that these liquor stores are so wonderful is because there are things available there that you can't pick up at a liquor store in Maine. Things like Everclear and plum sake.

I was sitting at this great Japanese restaurant in Portland, Maine one night with a friend enjoying our sushi when we asked our waitress, Cathy, where they get their plum wine. She told us that they get it at the NH liquor store and so we figured that after dinner we would take a trip to Portsmouth and pick some up, this was a Friday evening and we weren't sure of how late they were open and when calling 411 netted us no results we thought "who can we call that would know how late the store is open?" after about five minutes I realized that the only person I could call was my sister in Colorado who hasn't lived in the area for the past fifteen years.

Wow, I just re-read that and realized how incredibly f'in lame it is. I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything lately, it seems that ever since I set up MS Outlook to download RSS feeds for all of the blogs that I read I don't actually log in to blogger to see who has updated their blogs.

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