Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As we all know there are times when a scent can trigger a memory- the odor of something once familiar bringing back memories of a time past. I was lying in bed just 10 minutes ago, dozing peacefully when an all too familiar scent jarred me from my slumber and caused me to dive out of bed and investigate its origin.

Prior to becoming MedicMatthew I spent 10 years of my life as a volunteer/paid-call hose jockey. Anyone who has spent any time in a fire house knows the scent of bunker gear exposed to smoke. The scent becomes almost pleasant after a while, a calming, comforting reminder of the brotherhood of the fire service. When one is lying in bed in their apartment, years after having been involved in the fire service and this scent wafts into thier nose to stimulate thier olfactory system the first thought might be "there must be a fire near by, my inner whacker must look out the window to investigate." Upon realizing that the scent only comes from windows with window fans blowing air into the apartment the next thought might be, perhaps it is just because the fans are sucking in the air quicker. When the final thought is "SWEET MOTHER OF HOLY F*CK THE SMELL IS COMING FROM THE FANS" one's oh-sh*t-o-meter kicks in to high gear as they move through the apartmen to shut off all fans, unplug them from the walls and evaluate them each as a source of heat.

None of the fans are hot, but they each smell like bunker gear that is long over due for a washing. I don't forsee them getting plugged back in any time soon.

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mainecrashed2 said...

thankfully, you were home and were 1) able to recognize and 2)were able to take care of the issue.
Glad it's ok.