Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things that make the BP go up.

This started out as a comment over at ER Stories, go read it, come back and then you can read my rant.

Ok, back to the original post. At what point did we lose sight of the fact that this patient's condition was not an emergency that necessitated the use of resources of the emergency department.

To borrow from Johnnie & Roy...
"Let me explain something to you about paramedics. We respond to emergency situations, life threatening situations, you know, like dying."

Pain in and of itself is not an emergency. Pain can be an indicator of a medical emergency, but the presence of pain itself is not an emergency. Also, take into consideration something else that society has lost view of- sometimes life just sucks and we experience pain. Put things in to perspective for yourself, you're in pain in the comfort of an American hospital with the resources available to make you feel better despite your ability to pay. Life could always be worse. You could be laying in pain on the battlefield with half of an appendage missing and legitimately wondering if you're going to survive the day.
While I'm ranting let me add that obesity is always someone's fault. Ya know what, I'm fat, it is my own damned fault. Unless you are being tied down and force fed those Ho-ho's & Twinkies then obesity is your own damned fault. And for fuck sake, do not blame your fatness on a medical condition, if you had half a brain you would take control of your own health and combat that medical condition that caused you to pack on the pounds. It all boils down to responsibility folks. Take responsibility for yourself and shut the fuck up already.
I am so sick of whiny cry-babies, suck it up and get over yourself.


mainecrashed2 said...

sounds familiar!!
gotta love it...especially when those obese people in pain cause more pain for you by having to carry their fat asses down 3 flights of stairs because they 'felt something slip' while carrying in the bags of groceries....containing soda, ho-ho's, and microwave popcorn

Evil Transport Lady said...

Almost 90% of our transport cases are because they are fuckin' fat. Then the fuckers bitch because the litter is too small! Well try to be us lifting your fat ass into the ambulette. Or another good one is when they are shocked when 4 of us show up to transport them. like DUH! Eat some more fried crap!