Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stub, post to follow later

The service I work at covers over 2800 square miles of Western Maine.I'm on shift today at the centrally located base, the one that historically has been the crutch for the system. First thing in the morning I had to report to the ED as an evaluator for a disasater drill. When that was done we moved north back to our base. Shortly thereafter the call goes out for a mountain rescue so we shift north farther to cover that base, unbeknownst to us there was a second mountain rescue going on in another base's district. Crews were split, people were moved and here I sit. Assuming I don't end up on any other calls I will have travelled 176.5 miles from home to work and back again with several stops along the way. This isn't a great distance as I've done one way transfers longer than this, but the remoteness of the region lends an interesting air to things.
Anyhow, when I'm better rested and have don't have the threat of being called out again I'll post a better record of the days events