Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thoughts from the weekend

A collection of some of the thoughts that ran through my head during Sunday night's dinner and Saturday's shooty goodness.

1.) Hmm, big black Dodge pickup with a Harley logo and NRA sticker in the rear window- must be Jay's truck.

2.) Wow, I pictured Jay as being taller with this deep voice and being really laid back and mellow, not bouncing off the walls sounding like Gonzo on crystal meth**.

3.) Oh, Mah, Gawd, I just shook hands with *the* AD. OMGOMGOMG he knows who I am!!!1!!one!!!

4.) Wait, are we in Massachusetts? Are those guns on the wall??

5.) Oh yeah, Marko is German, of course he has an accent.

6.) I could get a better steak back home and pay a lot less for it.

7.) OMG, I just ate dinner with someone who once LIVED WITH TAM!!!

8.) Guns, cars, movies, knives, guns, what is not to love? Wait, am I *really* gay?

9.) The next time I'm in Boston I'm either going to double down on my blood pressure meds or have someone else drive and sedate myself.

10.) F*%k! the gate is closed, time to start walking and follow the sound of gun fire.

11.) Ahh, love the smell of burnt powder in the morning.

12.) F*&k it's cold! Trigger finger will stay warm if I keep my hands in my pockets.

13.) It's been FAR too long since I've been to the range, must spend more quality time shooting.

All in all, it was a great weekend, despite the fact that I got nailed with $64 bucks in parking fees for two nights.

Can't wait for the next NE blogger gathering and I just might have to go listen to AD speak sometime should he be at a conference near me.

**That was in no way a dig, when Jay was rather excitedly telling one of the stories after dinner I could have sworn we were on the set of the Muppets.


Jay G said...

Taller? I'm 6' already. I'm flattered you pictured me as 10 feet tall and bulletproof... ;)

And this?

"bouncing off the walls sounding like Gonzo on crystal meth"

Is going on my "what others are saying about me" section...


Tam said...

"5.) Oh yeah, Marko is German, of course he has an accent."

What's funny is that his accent was almost unnoticeable back in '01-'02. You'd have guessed he was from, say, one of the more Scandihoovian areas of Minnesota or Cheesehead country.

It became noticeable again only when he actually started using the Deutsch-sprech around the house some to help teach Robin and the kids. He's one of the most linguistically-gifted people I've ever met; he works in phonemes the way Oleg does in photons...

Ambulance Driver said...

ZOMFG, I shook hands with Medic Matthew!

And you got Tam to comment on your blog, dude!

I don't even get that level of attention these days...

MedicMatthew said...

AD, I'm thrilled for any level of attention on this blog. Perhaps if I actually wrote anything of value every now and then...hmm, maybe that coupled with another Tamalanche or two.....

xtine said...

Boston: +1 for letting someone else drive.