Saturday, March 28, 2009

Concealed Carry Options

I know that asking others about holster preference is like asking what one thinks is the "best" caliber for defensive carry but I'm going to ask anyway. So, I want to know, of my 2.38 readers, those of you who carry a concealed handgun:

What do you routinely use for a concealed carry holster and why?

Specifically does anyone have any experience with the Belly Band? I'm a big guy and I carry a rather large frame semi-auto and I'm wondering if a Belly Band might work for me, particularly with the coming of warmer weather.

Your thoughts?
Anyone?....Anyone?.... Bueller?


Tam said...

I like a strong-side IWB, because it's a fairly generic choice; it's kinda the "vanilla" of CCW holsters in that there's nothing it really excels at, but it doesn't have many downsides, either.

Really, though, it's like trying on clothes for somebody else. I can tell you what sizes fit me, but that won't help you much. A friend phrases it as "Buy a cardboard box first. Then, as you try out and reject holsters, you can throw them in the box. When you finally narrow it down to the right one, put the contents of the box on eBay." ;)

Wally said...

I go for a strong side tuckable IWB. Blouse out your shirt a bit and it all but disapears. I'd suggest the Galco USA or UDC series. I prefer the USA as it's a little thinner without the reinforced lip. Reholstering in a hurry isn't a concern for me.

Jay G said...

Buy a hammerless j-frame and a DeSantis Nemessi pocket holster for summer carry.

Trust me on this one...

MaddMedic said...

For most of the year the weather requires a jacket of some sort so I use a Fobus paddle. When it does get warm enough maybe in late June, sometimes in July and August I use a IWB from Galco. Both work for me.

Marko said...

I've been using either a DeSantis pancake OWB, or (rarely) a Bianchi #3S "Pistol Pocket". I find that the pancake is more comfortable, and doesn't really conceal that much worse, but our t-shirt season is all of eight weeks up here.