Saturday, May 31, 2008

What is going on?

You are dispatched to a grocery store in the middle of the night in a neighboring town for a male in his 20s who is dizzy. Upon arrival you see an unkempt male patient who hasn't seen a shower in weeks and who appears to be in no acute distress standing outside of the closed grocery store with a suitcase next to him and holding a bag labeled “patient belongings” You interview the patient to learn that he is not from the region and home is about a 7 hour drive away. His vitals are good, in fact they’re better than yours. His pulse is 62, strong & regular, his blood pressure is 114/68, he is breathing 18 times a minute and his lungs are clear in all fields, the cardiac monitor shows a normal sinus rhythm consistent with his pulse, 12 lead ECG is unremarkable, finger stick blood glucose is 112mg/dl and his pulse ox is 97% on room air. What is going on with this patient?


EE said...

He wants a ride to the hospital?

Italiano86 said...

they just wanted to get ride of a homeless person outside their establishment