Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Weigh In

My coworkers and I have embarked on our own version of The Biggest Loser. There are seven of us involved and we are each using our own method of weight loss to see who is able to lose the largest percentage of their body weight over a three month period. Each employee is putting in $20 to join in and each week if any weight is gained the employee must add one dollar per pound of weight gained. We're using a scale that measures body weight in addition to body fat and body water by measuring the electrical impedance through the body from one foot to the other.

The initial weigh in was last Wednesday and today marks the results of the first week. I started out last week at 317lbs, 45% body fat, 40% body water, with 39.6 for my BMI. Today's weigh in shows me at 308.8lbs, 43.7% body fat, 40.7% water and a BMI of 38.6 this translates to 8.2lbs lost and a 2.6% reduction in weight. This week I'm tied for first place with another employee for the percentage of weight lost. The Wednesday Weigh in will be a regular feature of this blog because the more people I'm held accountable to the more likely I am to stick with this plan.

This whole process is not a diet, it is lifestyle modification. When I return next week from my vacation to Maine I'm going to start working with a personal trainer who is going to evaluate my eating and lifestyle habits and put me on a workout plan to maximize my weight loss, when the three month challenge is over I plan to continue the weight loss until I reach a healthy weight and BMI.

Wish me luck!

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