Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On How My Family Rocks

The more I sit and think about moving home the more I think about the relationship I have with my family and the more I realize how blessed I am. My parents are great and amazing, they are the two most supportive people and coming out to them was way easier than I thought it would be. They know that I’m gay and they’re cool with it. My mom doesn’t wish that I were straight, she just wishes that life were easier for me. My dad is fiercely protective- a few years ago when I was living at home there was a group of kids walking down the street and one of them dropped an F-bomb (that’s f*ggot, not f*ck), he leaped out of his chair to see who the hell said it and to discern whether or not it was directed at me because he knew I was sitting out on the front porch.

I get along great with my two sisters. I don’t see my eldest sister nearly enough as she and her husband and my nephew live in Colorado. She moved from home as soon as she could after high school and has lived in Texas, Colorado and Massachusetts and now is back in Colorado as that is where my brother-in-law is currently stationed I used to think that I was most like her but I’ve come to learn that I share many traits with both of my sisters. My other sister lives back in Maine with her family, I’ve had more opportunity to spend time with her as an adult than I have with my other sister. Andrea and I have this odd bond. My mom gets irritated sometimes when we don’t make it a point to see each other when I’m in town or before I leave town, but we both know that the other is there should we need anything. When either of us were going through a rough time we would always spend time together, going to lunch, or just getting the hell out of town for an afternoon blasting music in the car on our way to wherever we were going. I know that no matter what my sisters will always be there for me and they know that I will be there for them.


mainecrashed2 said...

I'm really glad that you have such an awesome relationship with your 'rents and sisters!

closet pre-med said...

Hey, I stumbled across your blog through EM/EMS blogs. I really like your posts!

Sometimes, my family and I can definitely grate on each other. But when I take a step back, I see how much they mean to me and I really love them more than anything on earth.