Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Emergency Emily directs her readers to a post by Buzzard, an ER doc serving in Iraq. She says that this post will bring you to tears. What I started as a comment on her blog must be made a post on mine.

No, that post will not make me tear up. That post will make cry. That post will make me wipe my tears on the back of my hand so that I can see enough to continue reading it. That post will make me have to run to the bathroom to get tissues. That post will remind me to say a prayer for my brother-in-law and for all American soldiers in the hopes that they can do their best to avoid harm and avoid having to bury their comrades. I have had the honor of attending the funeral of an American soldier; I felt a duty to go. To pay my respects to a man who has chosen to serve his nation in a time of unrest. He was willing to give his life for his fellow man and his life was ripped away from him by someone who holds no regard for the sanctity of human life. I am speechless, I truly am because I have no means of expressing how strongly I feel that all human life is sacred, but the man who risks his life for the safety and security of his countrymen is just something else, something incomprehensible

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