Thursday, December 20, 2007

Updated & Rearranged blog

Recent posts that were put up and previously authored have been edited so that their entry dates reflect the date they were authored.

I've been addicted to my SiteMeter- it is quite a nifty tool. It turns out that I have a few regular readers and I'd like to ask them to come forward and say hello. SiteMeter doesn't tell me *exactly* where they are but it gives me the home of their ISP so, I would like my readers in the following locales to drop me an email and just tell me a little about themselves or how they found my blog. So if you live in or near the following cities, please say hi.

Shawnee, Kansas
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Murraysville, Pennsylvania
Leesburg, Virginia
Any and & all places in Maine

email me at medicmatthew (at) gmail (dot) com


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