Sunday, December 12, 2010


To: Everyone
From: Matthew
Re: Slactivism

If you're going to use your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace* status to ask me and other users to repost something to "raise awareness" of something or to "show support" of something else or to "see how many people have he balls to repost this" to support whatever bullshit you're sputtering you can take your cause and shove it up your ass. Also, if you do participate in such activity I reserve the right to mock the ever loving fuck out of you.

Cancer awareness? Yep, I'm aware of it and I'm pretty damned aware of how much it sucks ass.
Child abuse? We won't talk about some of the runs I've been on or the charts that I've read because it would make your skin crawl.
Domestic Abuse? Again, we won't talk about some of the runs I've been on.
The Pledge of Allegiance? Yep, I recited it daily too and everyone in this country as a right to not recite it if they so choose. Move on.
Religious tomfoolery? Ha! HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Let's not talk about the secrets that all of you harbor while you're condemning me for being a godless heathen because I'm gay, hypocrite.
Mental Health issues? We all know I'm a wee bit off kilter and am a much nicer person when I take my calm the fuck down pill every day.

I refuse to participate in any sort of slacktivism for the simple reason that it accomplishes nothing other than making you, the poster, feel all fucking warm and fuzzy because you've "done something" for a cause when in reality, you haven't done shit.

If you agree with me, don't repost this, just stop being a complete fucktard instead.

Smoochies!, ~Matthew

*Seriously, does anyone use Myspace any more?


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to comment on this, as I agree with you 100% here. I couldn't understand how changing my Facebook profile picture would stop someone from beating their child, or how posting the color of my bra would raise awareness of boob cancer.

Cierra Wilkison said...

This post is great!! I hate the stigma of mental health, religion, and everything you mentioned. I take my happy pill everyday and I am in school right now to be able to ride out on that truck and grab that jump bag. People need to learn that if they really want to make a difference instead of posting on Facebook, why don't they volunteer at a hospital, sign up for your local fire dept., or just do something that involves more commitment than a simple copy and paste.