Monday, March 22, 2010

Someone asked my opinion....

I will not deny that healthcare costs are out of control and access to health *insurance* is difficult to come by, however...

1.) The provision of healthcare is not a human right. Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness- nothing in there about quality of life.
2.) We already live in too large of a welfare state. The Founding Fathers did not intend for those with to pay the way for those without. Can't afford healthcare? Not my problem.
3.) This "plan" could, in all likelihood, lead to the complete financial collapse of this nation. But then again, Obama spent more money in the first eight months in office than Bush did in eight years- including what has been spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a damn about the financial security of, well, anyone.
4.) There has been zero transparency in the creation of this program, despite campaign promises of increased transparency in government.
5.) It is simply out & out unconstitutional in the way that it is structured- a provision that prevents the law from being repealed!

Spend time in a healthcare institution and witness the blatant abuse from the entitlement mentality sputtering "I can't afford no co-pays!" These are people bitching about three dollar Medicaid co-payments that they "can't afford" while they're yapping on their cell phone or fishing through their pockets looking for a pack of cigarettes.

And that's not to mention the ER abuse. People using ER's in place of primary care. Calling 911 for an ambulance for pain that they've had for seven years (no lie!) and saying "oh, well I didn't have nothin' to do tonight so I figured I'd get it checked" at two in the morning. Or how about the four people who walked into the ER one night a few years back demanding STD screenings because they all hooked up with the one woman among them and now it burns to take a piss. My personal favorite is when a woman comes in for a two dollar pregnancy test because Medicaid won't pay for prenatal care until there's a confirmation of pregnancy by a physician but they won't cover the cost of an office visit for a pregnancy test. Thanks to current law they cannot be denied at the very least a medical screening, but no physician out there will deny them what they want out of fear of litigation and pressure from administration. These people are a drain on the system and it will only get worse when more and more people are allowed to participate in the system. Witness all of this then sit in my ambulance some day and try to not let your head explode when someone from the Department of Not Fucking Getting It says to you "Just take me to the fuckin' hospital. I pay your salary!" when in the next breath they sputter "I can afford it, I got the 'Caid, you're payin' for it."

A real, workable solution would involve welfare reform and reform of healthcare costs to make healthcare more affordable instead of providing yet another handout to people who contribute nothing to society yet demand that the government provide them with everything.

I have worked in multiple municipalities in multiple counties in multiple states. The *majority* of patients served by the areas I have worked in are on Medicaid. The minority of the people cannot support the majority for very long before complete collapse. We the working class We The People, are being forced to support the majority while Congress members have exempted themselves from this healthcare bill and will collect their pensions for life without having to pay in to Social Security. Unfortunately the damage has already been done, so someone please pass the lube, because we're all about to get fucked with something hard and sand-papery.


Epijunky said...

There is not enough lube on this planet to make this comfortable.

Folks... Do a little research. If you can find it. God knows they're trying to make it difficult/impossible.

Well done, Sir. :)

Anna said...

I believe that I love you. Really. I do. I have been taking a back seat to this whole debacle because well, I just can't wrap my head around it. Thank you for saying what my brain failed to send to my fingertips.

mainecrashed2 said...

Totally Agree...
Totally agree that this insanity needs to stop! I'm tired of paying for everyone else's medical expenses and not being able to afford to take care of myself!