Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Second Annual AD NE Bloggershoot AAR to follow later.
I left the Harvard Sportsmen's Club to go directly to a friend's birthday party. Shooty Goodness + darn good company + 150+ mile drive + revelry with drunken fools (only one drink for me) + another 30 miles to home = direct to bed, then off to work this morning and now getting ready for bed again. Just like last  year's event I had a darn good time.

I also need to revamp my blogroll, the format I'm using currently takes up too much space, I need to shorten it and add a new list of Bloggers I've met. But that will be done in the not so distant future.

g'night all


Epijunky said...

I'm demanding video. I'm just saying.

MedicMatthew said...

Yeah, about the video.

Epic. Cameraman. Fail.

Jay G said...

Oh NO!!! Please don't tell me the bayonet charge is lost to the ages?!?!?!? :D

Matthew, thanks so much for attending. The only regret I have about these blogmeets is that there's never enough time to talk to everyone as much as I'd like...

Ambulance Driver said...

I've got the video. Look to my blog for an AAR.

Great seeing you and shooting with you again, Matthew!