Thursday, December 31, 2009

A (late) Festivus Miracle!

Sweet mother of all that is good and pure the world must be coming to an end. I've finally found a physician who says things like this (emphasis added by yours truly).

Courtesy of Dr. Grumpy:
In all honesty, most other docs wouldn't care, and say they can't help him. Or would tell him to put the pills on a credit card. Or say it's the pharmacy's issue and to call them. Or to go to an ER (I have no idea why he should go to ER for this, but it's amazing how many docs send patients there for stupid shit like this).

My personal favorite is the patient who honestly believes that their physician is going to meet them in the ER. At least once a week I have to tell a patient that they will be seeing the ED physician and not their primary care doctor. If I had a nickel for every time a patient said "well my doctor told me to go to the ED so I just called 911" then I'd be...well I'd still be a broke paramedic, but I'd have enough change for a cup of coffee.

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