Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please note.

When in the course of current events human discourse dissolves into partisan pissing contests amounting to "my party/theory/candidate/view/idea/cola/religion/news channel/favorite color is better than yours!" and when challenged your rebuttal consists of "neener neener neener" then it is time for you to please shut the fuck up, already.

And if you're going to quote my previous anti-Palin post in which I called her an "ignorant, vapid twit" please take into consideration that Mrs. Palin clearly exposed her lack of knowledge of basic government civics- this is a prime example of ignorance and vapidity. And also do me a favor and take into consideration my anti-Obama comments left on other blogs written by people who were far better at summarizing my feelings toward The Chosen One. I unfortunately am not about to cite these comments as I do not feel like trolling through hundreds of blog entries right now to find them. Also please consider that you have absolutely no idea whose name I selected while I was standing in the voting booth. Did I vote McCain? Did I vote Obama? Frankly I despised both candidates equally and think we would have been screwed with either candidate and that it was simply a matter of deciding in which way we want to be screwed. You may make your assumptions as to which candidate I voted for but you will probably be wrong and you will never know who I voted for and I plan on keeping it that way.

I will, however, concede that it was indeed childish of me to use the words "twit" and "airhead" in reference to Mrs. Palin and for that I am sorry; however I still stand by my opinion that she is ignorant. In regards to the matter of the recent election and in regards to all matters I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions just as I'm sure all of you don't expect me or the rest of your readership to agree with 100% of your opinions. But please, if you're going to make a statement then you need to be able to support it.


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