Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lessons Learned

So, a few years ago I won an argument with my roommate. He didn't believe that anyone could go online and place an order with Galls and buy handcuffs without them verifying that you were a law enforcement officer. So, to prove him wrong I went online and ordered a pair, solely for the purpose of proving a point, not for any recreational activities.

Now, for years I have kept a handcuff key on my person while at work, it just makes it easier sometimes when treating prisoners. Earlier today I got to wrestling around with a friend and he knows how incredibly ticklish I am and he threatened to tie me up and attach my feet. I responded to this by finding my handcuffs and slapping one on to his wrist. He was in the process of trying to get the other one on to my ankle while I was trying to get it onto his other wrist when I thought "OH FUCK! my cuff key is on my keychain at work, not on my dresser!" needless to say Justin was a bit miffed, but we laughed about it all the way to the base so I could get the key. I'm just glad he didn't get it on to my ankle- it would have been a bitch to get down the stairs to drive to the base.

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