Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogroll Addition

There's a new addition to my blogroll folks. Savage Love, written by Dan Savage the author of a sex advice column of the same name at Seattle, Washington based newspaper The Stranger. Dan also is the host of a weekly sex advice podcast which he refers to as the "out loud version" of his weekly column. I'm a huge fan of his column and podcast. In the podcast people call in over the course of the week and during the show he answers their questions and occasionally calls them back with questions if he wants/needs more info before answering to their situation. If you do listen to the podcast be warned that he can be pretty blunt, I wouldn't say its vulgar, but he does like to use the word f*ck a lot and he and his callers do not use medical terminology for various sex acts and bodily functions, instead they use common slang so it may not be something to listen to around the kids.

I am actually going to post a quote from his podcast because I think it is absolutely hilarious, this is in response to a 25 year old woman who had sex with the married concierge of her building. She called whining about how he's still acknowledging her existence and talking to her after they had sex.
~~warning, strong language ahead~~

So how guilty should you feel? You didn't feel guilty much, you fucked a married guy that happens all the time. you should feel stupid that you handled it so poorly. You handled the fall out from this ill advised fuck that you should feel a little guilty about. You handled the fallout really poorly and that you should feel just fucking stupid about. But you shouldn't feel guilty about it. You know, and I'm glad you had the decency to feel like a whore for five minutes, but that's not like penance, its not like you do something sleazy and stupid and you feel like a whore for five minutes then God is satisfied that you're not actually a whore. You know you ARE actually a whore! You should feel like a whore all the time, I feel like a whore all the time. Nothing wrong with feeling like a whore! Some other whores are some of the nicest fucking people I've ever met in my fucking life! What you are is a stupid whore; which is the wrong kind of whore to be!

Anyhow, go give a listen or read to Dan, he writes some really great stuff.

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