Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago my public safety career was in it's infancy. The events that transpired on this day hardened my resolve to dedicate my life to what I now do. Every day that I go to work I do so knowing that there is a chance that something horrific that could happen, yet I go and I do it anyway. While we cannot focus on the dangers of our job, we must never forget what could happen to us and what has happened to others.

Always remember the sacrifice that our brothers & sisters in EMS, law enforcement and the fire service made that day. Never forget that they were the ones who blindly went running into battle that day, despite the fear that they must have felt. They did so not because it was their job, but because they knew it had to be done.

If you ask me who I admire, I will tell you that it is my colleagues in public safety. I consider myself blessed that every day I go in to work, for I walk amongst giants.

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