Friday, August 12, 2011

Advice to a friend

"Awesome class tonight, Im pumped for the coming months! :D"

Ahh, the start of medic school. Remember this Facebook status when you're getting ready to test out. Remember how excited you were to start. Then, about four years in, curse the day you ever thought about becoming a paramedic, then two years after that, remember that you do something that makes you happy and lets you have an impact on others.

Good luck. Study hard. Ask questions. Figure out why, not 'just because', and always remember that despite the IV's, the tubes, the cric's, the decompressions, the cardioversions and the drugs, the best treatment we can offer is to listen, to hold a hand and to bear witness to life and to death.

This job will make you cry, both from sadness and happiness and also because your brain just doesn't know what else to do. Remember that this is okay, for you are human and the best thing that we can do for our patients is to be human and remember that despite the reason for your contact with them, they are human too.

You will do well. I have faith in you.


Anonymous said...

No one tells you about the skill it takes to remain calm and make it look like you know what you're doing while inside your head you are raging, shaking, freaking out desperately trying to remember that one damn detail that escapes you that may make the difference between doing something dumb and doing something worthy of acclaim.

Just another day as a medic.

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