Friday, July 17, 2009

Seriously? YHGTBSM.

Wow. I can't even make this shit up. From an email update sent out by Equality Maine today.

In a recent Portland Press Herald story, we learned that the offices of Stand for Marriage Maine are being hidden from the public. A secret memo that was sent around amongst the anti-equality staff said, "For security reasons, please do not give the physical location of the office to anyone. It's imperative that no one else know the location."

What's wrong? Are they afraid that if their location is known that they might be the subject of discrimination & ridicule? Welcome to the reality of thousands of LGBT men & women everywhere.

UPDATE: link to the article can be found here


Anonymous said...

No joke.

I'm doing some digging to see if they were careless...can't hurt. :)

MedicMatthew said...

It is somewhere in Yarmouth, the reporter said as much in the article which can be found here -

Just updated the post to include the link to the article.

mainecrashed2 said...

awww...they're just afraid of people having a different opinion than them.