Friday, January 11, 2008


So, today marked another milestone in my move to Pennsylvania. Today I went to the PennDOT driver's license center and filled out a form and took a vision test and was asked some questions by a rather rude man who seemed to be bothered by the fact that I was there and he had to do his job. I wrote him a check and he handed me more paperwork and then he handed me back my Maine driver's license with a hole punched in where the expiration date used to be. I'm not sure what it was, just his demeanor maybe coupled with the fact that I'm now officially a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but when he handed me back my now defaced Maine license it was as if it now read "You're no longer one of us, traitor." I felt as though I had just renounced my citizenship. On the plus side when I was done waiting to have my photo taken and my signature digitized the woman who took the photo welcomed me to Pennsylvania and hoped that I was getting settled in okay.

Following this I then went to get my vehicle registered. I think it is odd that in this state I had to go to the local AAA to get my car registered, but on the plus side while I was there I essentially got a membership to AAA for free because they applied the fees toward a new membership.

After leaving AAA I stopped in the local CompUSA store which is apparently going out of business and as such all of their stuff was marked down. I managed to pick up a home theater in a box at a great price and when I got home I found a little yellow note of goodness from the man who drives the big brown boxy truck and I was able to go and pick up my spankin' new HDTV.

So now I'm going to go set up my HDTV with my new DVD player and my new surround sound system. WooHOO!

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