Friday, October 26, 2007

So I Procrastinate

So, apparently I suck at writing a blog. I had great intentions back in May when I started this endeavor but now here I sit with only one entry under my belt and five months have passed. I suppose an update is in order. I've found a job, one that actually pays well and meets my needs so I'll be heading back to Pittsburgh in just a few weeks. I'm not going to discuss the details of my new job here, but I will say that it will be fun to work in a new atmosphere.

I've managed to cross a few things off my To Do List, I *may* have an apartment by the end of the day (one bedroom, walk in closets, spacious, in a good neighborhood) and I may have the opportunity to supplement my income as well. So, I'll try to keep everyone posted on what's going on in my life and maybe start this blog out as a running commentary on Hey-Look-At-What-I'm-Doing.

Anyhow, thanks to those who have posted comments on here, I'm going to work harder on keeping this thing up and running.

much love,

~Paramedical Matt

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doubletrouble said...

Sounds like you'll be in the Pitts area of PA. My son lives in the Phila area & is a gun club member there. I was hoping there'd be some way to give you "first person" help, but I know PA is a B I G state.
C'mon down to S. NH b4 you go & I'll help you any way I can.

Be well, take care...